The Singing Walls

Documentary – A wander through the housing culture of Ano Syros Greece

The Fortress – settlement of Upper Syros, build in the Middle Ages up on a hill, is unique in the Greek state. The fascinating medieval atmosphere keeps till our days, with the small houses build side by side, the convents of the Jesuits and the Cappuccinos, the Roman – Catholic churches and especially the church of Saint George on the top of the hill, center of the Catholicism at the Aegean sea. The cultural particularity of Upper Syros shows off by the narration of writer Loukritia Dounavis. The personal narration is the loom on which the images of a life are knitted, a life that goes on in the very same narrow streets, the very same houses, keeping its essential human characteristics: nationality, language, religion, customs. Dramatized scenes revive moments of the past and cultural elements that no longer exists, not through representation, but as gentle strokes of the brush on a decor that remains unfading.

Directors: Teos Romvos, Nikos Theodosiou

Script: Teos Romvos

Camera: Nikos Theodosiou

Narrator: Loukritia Dounavi

Original Music: Polykratis Polychronakis

Producer: Neaniko Plano – PHAOS FILM – 1999

Duration: 23 min

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