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The archaeological sites of Apano Meria at Syros

In Apano Meria the most important and most famous archaeological sites of Syros are: Halandriani with a cemetery of 600 or more excavated graves dates back to the Early Cycladic period. Kastri, acropolis and settlement of the same period. The bay of “Grammata” with the engraved inscriptions of the Hellenistic and Byzantine period. Ferekedis cave with […]

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The First Inhabitants of Syros

by François Aron   The French archaeologist, François Aron, traveled to Syros in the 1980s and, by doing surface research, attempted, on the basis of archaeological finds, to locate prehistoric habitation places on the island. The findings of his research were published in 1995 in Syros Letters, Vol. 30, from where we report here the […]

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The excavations in Chalandriani

By Chr. Tsountas   In 1899, Chr. Tsountas published in the Archaeological Journal the results of the excavations that he made in Chalandriani, where he excavated about 600 graves of the early Cycladic Era (about 2,700 BC). You can access the published document here   Translated by Constantine Hatziadoniu

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Pherecydes Cave

Pherecydes the Syriot Excerpts from the book by Evangelos N. Roussos, about the philosopher Pherecydes who was born in Syros in the 6th century BC. “The tradition of heliotrope in Syros as a work of Pherecydes must be based on the description of Homer Syris (Syros) in Odyssey, which is located Above of Ortyia (Delos), […]

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Well Hellenico

by Iosef Stephanou   Summary In the northern part of Syros, in the village San Michael, there exists an ancient well bearing the name “Hellenico [Greek]”, exactly like the name of the place where it was found around the end of the 19thcentury. The quality, the accuracy and the particular details of its construction, the […]

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