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Syros: A trip to space-time

by Dimitris Kostopoulos, Professor of Petrology, University of Athens   The beginning Approximately 170 years ago, in 1845, the German geologist Hausman discovered in Syros a mineral with a striking blue color that he called glaucophanis (from the glauca + phanis: it looks like blue). Since then, […]

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The creation of a geopark on Syros – A proposal

Friday, June 17, 2011 On Saturday 4th June, at the Cultural Center of Syros-Ermoupolis Municipality, a meeting took place for the promotion of the geological heritage of the island. The main speaker was Dimitrios Kostopoulos, Assisant Professor of Geology and Geoenvironment Department of  theNational and Kapodistrian […]

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Eclogites, metamorphic rocks of Northern Syros

Syros is situated in the center of the island group of the Cyclades. Its name derives from the Phoenician ‘ousyra’ or ‘ousoura’ which means ‘happy’. Geologically, Syros is covered in its greater part by metamorphic rocks* of the Atticocycladic mass. In northern Syros there are outcrops […]

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