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Creation of a plastic recycling center in Syros


We are pleased to announce the launch of our new environmental action, the creation of a small recycling center for plastics.

Supporting our effort is the Cyclades Preservation Fund (which already supports our actions and vision for the creation of an Environmental Park in Apano Meria), which will cover the costs of building the necessary apparatus and demonstrating it to other interested parties.

Our companion in this project is the team of Precious Plastic Greece,which will be responsible for the setting up of the equipment that will be used in the center, according to the standards abroad.

The recycling center will be hosted at the Vardakios School, which enthusiastically embraced the effort and offered the space to house it.

The center is expected to begin operating in early April 2019 in conjunction with a training workshop, open to potential enthusiasts, to build the apparatus.

The aim of the center is to act as a training and awareness center for young and old, as well as an open creative space where interested parties can build new objects from recycled plastic.

The center is portable and members of the Cooperative wish to collaborate with organizations, festivals and events on other Cycladic islands for the creative management of their plastic waste, as the center is intended to be open for volunteers and collaborators.

Our hope is to help us all to get in touch with the environmental impact of our daily choices and the solutions we can provide for the protection of the environment.

We will be glad to have you as a collaborator in this endeavor.

Translated by Constantine Hatziadoniu



CPF LogoCyclades Preservation Fund

A study to determine the property status in three main trails in Apano Meria of Syros.

The effort to exhibit the unique features of Apano Meria in the island of Syros has begun since many years ago. In the last two years, however, there has been a more coordinated effort characterized by a “from the roots” approach, which brought about, on one hand, the sensitization of a large section of the local society and, on the other, the achievement of specific results; these culminated with the creation of the Social Cooperative Organization (SCO), suitably entitled “Environmental Park of Apano Meria in Syros”, and also the inclusion in the Development Program of Special Purpose of Southern Aegean of the project entitled “Activities the Exploit the Geology History for the Development of Geo-Tourism in Syros”, which has a budget of 367,000 €.

CPF, realizing from the first moment the dynamics and prospects of this endeavor, came to our side, contributing in a specific and effective manner to the preparations for the implementation of the above project. With the funding that it made available to the SCO, it was possible to complete the study which determined the property status of the “geo-corridors” that are going to be created. That way, we are now able to approach the owners and to secure their consensus and participation in the implementation of this vision for the Apano Meria, under terms that respect the diverse inheritance of the area.

Translated by Constantine Hatziadoniu



Aegean Rebreath

Aegean Rebreath

Do you want to see the change an individual can bring? Few months ago we received a message from a local in order to organize an initiative in Syros island. Now let’s see what happened there…

Two days of full program together with the ZDF channel crew producing an episode about ghost nets, which will be broadcasted on 23.03.2019. This is a video that brings back great memories based on great synergies that produced great results!

Special thanks to Syros Nautical Club for their amazing support, cooperation and the Municipality of Syros. And of course nothing could happen without the great contribution of Greekscuba diving center. We are also grateful for having Apano Meria & WWF team members joining our activities, receiving the support of Nautilus Dive Center as well as the accommodation services by Avrofilito Syros Houses & Magnolia senses.

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