Precious Plastic Lab

The global plastic pollution issue concerns us all. An increasing part of society is becoming more aware, seeking solutions and taking action.

Recognizing the magnitude of the plastic pollution problem, the global open design project “Precious Plastic” relies on people to make the necessary change. It started with a student at Eindhoven University in 2012 and today has spread around the globe, creating a “universe” of people and groups. It is a combination of people, machines, platforms and knowledge designed to create an alternative global, low-cost, low-cost recycling system.

The “Apano Meria” SCE, recognizing the importance of taking action locally and inspired by the philosophy of Precious Plastic, wanted to become part of this global community and built in 2019 four machines (shredder, press, injection and extrusion machines). The construction of the machines was financed by the Cyclades Preservation Fund, which continues to support the work of “Apano Meria” SCE for education in recycling until today.

The machines are housed in the Vardakeios school and the academic community of the TMSPS of the University of the Aegean has embraced the laboratory, using it for research and experimentation and already two excellent thesis have been prepared using the lab.

Our goal is to strengthen and expand the collaborations that are developed through the Precious Plastic laboratory of SCE Apano Meria, in order to make Syros a model for good practices in education and creation through community based recycling.


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