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Wildlife Refuge (WR)

Apano Meria, Wildlife Refuge (WR), 190 ha (ΦΕΚ 524/Β/25.6.1997) Click Here In 1997, a permanent Wildlife Refuge, encompassing 190 acres of agricultural, grassland and partially forest land, was established in Syros, fulfilling the requirements for covering the needs of fauna in terms of peace, food and water, in the location of Apano Meria, of the […]

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Opinions of the Environmental Chamber

The Chamber of Environment and Sustainability represents: The area of Apano Meria of Syros includes, in addition to the typical phryganan ecosystem, the area “Aetos”, which is overgrown with reed and juniper, and is a forest ecosystem of sclerophyllous leaves (maquis vegetation) and (to a lesser extent) areas cultivated in a traditional manner (abandoned fields). […]

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What is the NATURA 2000 Network

It was found by the European Union that the conservation of a certain number of natural habitats and species of Community interest (Special Areas of Conservation), is gradually deteriorating, with the risk of leading to an irreversible loss of a significant part of biodiversity. In order to prevent this danger, it was deemed necessary to […]

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History and features of the Natura 2000 network in Greece

(November 2012) Natura 2000 is a European network of sites (Sites of Community Importance—Special Conservation Areas and Special Protection Areas), which operates under common European rules. In these areas certain management measures must be implemented, degradation and significant nuisance should be avoided, and an appropriate impact assessment of plans, projects and activities should be implemented. […]

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