Research and Volunteering Program

Are you carrying out research or want to support local initiatives on the island of Syros?

SCE Apano Meria has created a space where you can stay and work amongst other researchers and volunteers, with the vision of supporting alternative and sustainable tourism that gives back to the local community and environment.

If you want to volunteer or you are already working on a project or idea that is related to the cycladic ecosystem work within Syros island, we invite you to join us in making a difference.

For any inquiries or applications (including a CV), please message us at  admissions[at]

What you can do with us

Researchers and Volunteers will be given the chance to:

  • Realize independent research, with guidance from their home institution,
  • Participate in the Study Sustainability and Social innovation program,
  • Utilize the Precious Plastic Lab to carry out their research project or use the Precious Plastic Lab to learn about recycling plastic hands-on and create objects,
  • Participate in the mapping of trails of the island of Syros,
  • Support of communication team in creating outreach campaigns,
  • Support of educators team in the workshops and seminars regarding environmental issues, sustainable practices and the precious plastic initiative,
  • Field research for the recording and evaluation of the biodiversity of the island’s ecosystems, and the factors that affect them, with emphasis on the protected area of ​​Apano Meria,
  • Experimental design and drafting of proposals on the management of ecosystems,
  • Inform and raise awareness in local communities and the general public about the value of environmental protection and sustainable development,
  • Collect information based on traditional knowledge about the endemic flora and fauna of the island as well as their traditional management practices,
  • Create maps (GIS) of the protected area with data on the flora, fauna, paths and existing uses and activities.
  • Clean-ups of marine and terrestrial environment

Who can volunteer

We strongly support young people that are making their first steps in their field but we accept people of any age and background to join us.

People with an educational/professional background on ecology, biology, geology, engineering, communication, environmental education or environmental governance will be preferred.

We are a large, diverse team that is used to working together and delegating responsibilities, and as such we are open to up to 12 people to work with us at the same time.

How long should you stay

Participants are expected to stay for at least two weeks (no maximum time-limit). We recommend that they choose to come outside the peak tourist season (July-August), for their own comfort and ease of access to affordable accommodation, but we would accept applicants at any time of the year. Also we would like to urge them not to rule out the winter months as the climate is mild and the environment of the Cyclades is beautiful and thriving at that time. We are at their disposal to discuss and arrange the best time for them.

What we offer

Participants will live and work together (up to 12 people at a time) at our base and will interact and collaborate with peers from around the world.

In addition, we are committed to achieving specific, measurable impact goals by utilising project revenue to plant an endemic plant for each visitor we host, to cover the cost of scholarships for underprivileged researchers, and for carbon offsetting visitors’ travel, etc.

We also provide free access to the Precious Plastic Lab and to all the workshops and seminars organised by the SCE. Every volunteer will be given a free t-shirt with the logo of the SCE to promote team spirit.


The cost of organizing and carrying out the aforementioned programs is 30€/day during the months of April to October and 25€/day during the months of November to March.

Apano Meria SCE offers free accommodation in gender neutral rooms, breakfast and lunch 5 days per week, transportation to the field and to various activities.

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